Summer 2016

Hope you all enjoyed the Premium Pairings event we celebrated in June. The weather didn't dampen our spirits and everyone seemed to keep their cigars lit! Our vendors were very gracious and provided some great samples. Your ratings have brought new offerings to the humidor that have been flying out the door! They are as follows:
Arturo Fuente King Tubo, Macanudo Inspirado, Torano Exodus 1959 Churchill, Alec Bradley Coyol Vega, Gurkha Seduction XO, Gurkha Ghost Angel Torpedo Tubo and Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Churchill. We've also added Oliva Serie V Liga Especial to fill in for the shortage of Melanio we've been experiencing lately. These selections, as well as a new one from Big Babe Cigars called Cease & Desist, have helped to fill our humidor to maximum capacity. If you're looking to adopt, we have a plentiful supply of Ugly Babies at the moment.

Now that I have found my way back to the blog, I will be keeping you informed of what's happening with the FDA rules and regulations. We've signed petitions, written our Congressmen and still the industry has taken a big hit with the "deeming" legislation. We have only seen a slight rise in cost thus far and are keeping our fingers crossed.

It's time to stock up with your favorites. Fall is a wonderful introspective time to sit out and enjoy a quiet evening with good friends and great cigars...See you all soon!